HHS Spokeswoman: “We’re in the process of scrubbing final data and expect to report November numbers in mid-December”

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Considering reports already have the November numbers reaching maybe 100,000 at best, the term “scrubbing final data” probably is a poor choice of words. Why not also say you’re massaging the numbers? And if the data is final, why not release it?

Health and Human Services (HHS) is expected to release data later this month showing a “surge” in enrollees in the federal and state healthcare exchanges for November.

The numbers are expected to surpass the paltry figures for October, when enrollments were hampered by an erratic HealthCare.Gov website plagued by outages and error messages.

“We’re in the process of scrubbing final data and expect to report November numbers in mid-December,” HHS spokeswoman Joanne Peters told The Hill in an email Monday. “But we expect that enrollment will increase with the technical improvements we’ve made, enrollment taking place across our customer service channels, and the surge in enrollment that many states who are running their own Marketplaces have reported.”

Bloomberg reported on Monday that HHS will say 100,000 people selected plans through the federal exchanges in November, a nearly four-fold increase over the almost 27,000 that signed up in the first month of its operation.

Still, Peters sought to temper expectations for November, when the website remained unreliable for stretches. HHS previously blamed the poor October showing on the faulty website.

“It’s important to remember we are just two months into a six month open enrollment period that we expect will ramp up over time as we’ve seen in other implementation efforts, such as Massachusetts and Medicare Part D,” she said.

Still using Massachusetts and Medicare Part D as an excuse, we see. Weak.

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