‘He’s a schmuck!’

Posted by on Jan 12, 2013 at 8:32 am

Hey Ed, tell us how you really feel about this schmuck.

“He’s a schmuck!”

That was sharp-tongued Ed Koch’s assessment of Andrew Cuomo, captured by a crew filming a documentary on the three-term former mayor that will debut this weekend at a Jewish film festival.

The former mayor hurled the epithet in 2010, when he was turned away from the door at Cuomo’s election-night headquarters, where he traveled to congratulate the governor-elect on his big win.

Normally, the slur would have gone unnoticed. But in this case, Koch was being trailed by the documentary’s film crew.

The film “Koch” will screen at the Lincoln Center film fest.

“I supported him,” Koch recalled yesterday. “It’s normal to go and pay your respects. One of the people with me came back and said he’s not seeing anybody. It was the end of the evening. I was tired. I said whatever I said.”

“He’s a schmuck!” are the precise words Koch used.

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