Heh: Wes Welker’s Wife Goes on Facebook Rant Against Ray Lewis

Posted by on Jan 21, 2013 at 1:12 pm

These Patriot wives really handle losing gracefully. After their defeat in the Super Bowl last year Tom Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen went off on the Patriots receivers. Now Wes Welker’s wife is trashing Ray Lewis.

Good times.

Another playoff loss, another Patriots player’s wife sounding off.

No, it wasn’t Tom Brady’s supermodel wife who went on a postgame rant this time, but rather Wes Welker’s wife, Anna Burns Welker, who went on the offensive against the Ravens.

“Proud of my husband and the Pats. By the way, if anyone is bored, please go to Ray Lewis’ Wikipedia page. 6 kids 4 wives. Acquitted for murder. Paid a family off. Yay! What a hall of fame player! A true role model!,” the former Miss Hooters wrote on her Facebook page following the Patriots’ 28-13 loss to Baltimore.

Welker’s wife is referencing an incident that happened in 2000 when Lewis was charged with murder after two men were found dead after a brawl in Atlanta. Lewis and two other men, Reginald Oakley and Joseph Sweeting were later acquitted. Lewis later settled with two family members of the victims in the incident.

Welker’s wife’s outburst was first captured by TheBigLead.com, and comes less than a calendar year after Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen lashed out after the Patriots’ 21-17 loss to the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI last February. Ironically, Welker was the subject of the Brazilian babe’s comments.

Mrs. Welker is an excellent role model, of course.



13 Responses to “Heh: Wes Welker’s Wife Goes on Facebook Rant Against Ray Lewis”

  1. Ryan on 21/21/13 at 1:21 pm

    Yeah, it’s SO WRONG to point out what a thug Ray Lewis is! He MURDERED and people hold him on a pedestal.
    Suggs” The Patriots are a bunch of arrogant pricks!”

    Keep it classy, Baltimore.

  2. Gregory Pokrywka MD FACP FNLA NCMP on 21/21/13 at 1:26 pm

    to “idiot Ryan” above, Ray Lewis didn’t murder anyone. try to read up on this(if you CAN read). Ray and friends were attacked by vicious street thugs were were killed in the self defense melee. I guess you would stand there and BE killed , wimp.

  3. Ryan on 21/21/13 at 1:40 pm

    “Lewis and two companions, Reginald Oakley and Joseph Sweeting, were questioned by Atlanta police, and 11 days later the three men were indicted on murder and aggravated-assault charges. The white suit Lewis was wearing the night of the killings has never been found. Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard alleged the blood-stained suit was dumped in a garbage bin outside a fast food restaurant”

  4. Gregory Pokrywka MD FACP FNLA NCMP on 21/21/13 at 1:40 pm

    hey Ryan, when you grow up you will learn about “settling a lawsuit”- its what we DO in America, guilty or not, to get the bloodthirsty lawyers , “victims” and legal system off our backs. There are books about this phenomenon too. The scumbags who attacked Ray and clan unfortunately paid with their lives, out of stupidity.

  5. Gregory Pokrywka MD FACP FNLA NCMP on 21/21/13 at 1:43 pm


    “I covered the Ray Lewis murder trial with a team of Sun reporters. After a couple of days of the state’s presentation, I described the prosecution as “sputtering” and having “fizzled,” but that was kind. The prosecution was awful. There was no evidence that Lewis killed anyone during the infamous closing-time brawl outside the Cobalt Lounge on East Paces Ferry Road in the Buckhead entertainment section of Atlanta, after Super Bowl XXXIV. Witness testimony against him was thin, contradictory and confusing.

    In fact, there was more evidence that Lewis had tried to stop two men in his partying entourage from engaging in the fight that resulted in the stabbing deaths of Baker and Lollar.”

  6. Matt on 21/21/13 at 6:10 pm

    Just out of curiosity Ryan…. who made you “Judge, Jury, and executioner?
    He who is “without” sin cast the first stone.
    I’m not taking any sides here, just here to point out to you, that you’re not perfect, neither is Ray Lewis or any person on the Pats/Ravens team. It was 10+yrs ago and It “appears” ray made peace with God. So you can’t sit there an judge him as if you’re perfect and squeaky clean… a sin is a sin..,no matter how you try to sugarcoat it.
    Again, just cause you’re a can doesn’t give you or anyone the right to judge an athlete as if youre God.
    If the best argument you have against Ray is something that happened in 2000, when this is 2013…. Then you should really rethink how you approach your own life.. cause I bet you wouldn’t want to be judged on what you did “Thirteen” years ago, ESPECIALLY if you asked God for forgiveness.

  7. Yossarian on 21/21/13 at 6:57 pm

    I’ okay with being judged by anything I did 13 years ago. Among things I did not do: take part in a murder.

  8. Yossarian on 21/21/13 at 6:57 pm

    I’m okay with being judged by anything I did 13 years ago. Among things I did not do: take part in a murder.

  9. qzy on 22/22/13 at 4:49 am

    Sweeting and another man had gone to a sporting goods store the previous day to buy knives. Baker’s blood later was found in Lewis’ limo. Having fled the crime scene, Lewis told the limo’s passengers to “keep their mouths shut.” The white suit Lewis was wearing that night — on Super Bowl Sunday — never was found.

  10. JTwig on 23/23/13 at 9:28 am

    I don’t know how good of a role model she is, but she defiantly made me sit up a little straighter and pay more attention!