Heartwarming Second Amendment Story of the Day

Posted by on Feb 04, 2013 at 9:51 am

Actually this took place Friday but we didn’t notice this until today. For obvious reasons the national media chose to ignore it. Doesn’t help the anti-gun narrative.

There was a deadly shooting Friday outside of Martin Luther King, Junior High School on Detroit’s east side.

Police sources say two armed males tried to rob a coach leaving the school.  The coach, who has a concealed pistol license, fired shots killing one of the individuals and critically wounding the other.

Sources also tell us the two males previously attended the school.  One was expelled.

Fox 2 has learned the 70 year old coach for the girl’s basketball team was walking two students to their cars at the time of the attempted robbery. When one pulled a gun, the coach fired back, shooting both teens.

The shooting at the high school was not the only incident involving an older person protecting themselves with a firearm Friday in Detroit. Sources tell us, on the 15-thousand block of Grand River, east of Greenfield, a man attempted to rob an older man when he pulled out his weapon and fired. The suspect was shot. The man in this case was also licensed to carry a gun.

Probably would have made national news if there was a race angle.

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