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Posted by on Oct 22, 2013 at 8:50 am
Zombie Towns Of Georgia

If the Web site ever has to be abandoned entirely, the president and his spinners will surely maintain it was undone by “glitches, kinks, snags, bugs and hiccups.”

Euphemism aside, it must be dawning on the White House that it is presiding over a fiasco that not only threatens the viability of its health-care law, but the president’s central conceit that the mandarins of the administrative state are wise and capable enough to manage a large portion of our national life. They aren’t even wise and capable enough to develop a Web site when given three years and $400 million to do it.

The initial excuse for the failure of was sheer volume, but only the molten core of the president’s loyalists still mouth this line.

People whose job it is to successfully use the site have barely been able to successfully use the site. It took a CNN reporter a week to create a login and two weeks to proceed with her application. is worthy of a Joseph Heller novel.

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