Head of Minnesota’s ObamaCare Exchange Abruptly Resigns

Posted by on Dec 18, 2013 at 7:50 am

Not out of shame at being associated with ObamaCare, mind you, but for skipping town for a luxury tropical vacation while the system was malfunctioning. Sort of like what Obama himself will be doing when he skips town Friday for his multimillion dollar Hawaii vacation.

 The head of the Minnesota’s health care exchange has resigned amid controversy.

The news comes after the board in charge of Minnesota’s health insurance exchange called a meeting on short notice in a closed session Tuesday.

April Todd-Malmlov, the former chief executive officer of MNsure, is under fire for taking a tropical vacation with the state Medicaid Director in November, while the state-run insurance exchange dealt with delays and glitches.

The board accepted the resignation of Todd-Malmlov at the emergency meeting Tuesday, according to a source. Todd-Malmlov, 36, was not made available for comment.

Well, she’ll probably walk with a hefty severance package reflecting all her successes and  be quietly ushered in to a comfy spot in the Obama administration.

  On Sunday, KSTP reported about Todd-Malmlov’s two-week vacation to Costa Rica with Jim Golden, Minnesota’s Medicaid director.

MNsure said there’s no conflict, but critics said it’s yet another issue of compromised public trust.

Medicaid and MNsure are intimately intertwined, with billions of taxpayer dollars overlapping between the two programs.

Wait, what? Billions of dollars in one state? Huh?

  One of the problems the website, MNsure.com, faced was being vulnerable to a Wi-Fi attack. Hackers can use a $99 device to intercept usernames and passwords. KSTP found the issue after putting a number of major websites through cybersecurity tests.

MNsure has experienced data breaches and user issues. MNsure has denied problems and blamed users who are not following sound security practices.

Oh, OK, it’s the public’s fault, not the incompetent morons who designed the system. Got it.

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3 Responses to “Head of Minnesota’s ObamaCare Exchange Abruptly Resigns”

  1. Joe on 19/19/13 at 10:44 am

    hmm…..a hyphenated last name administrator…..personal experience screams “LIBERAL” when I meet one of those………and the SHOCK that she resigns after “investing” billions into a failed system.

  2. gekkobear on 19/19/13 at 11:29 am

    “MNsure has denied problems and blamed users who are not following sound security practices.”

    For example, they’re going to unsecured websites (like MNSure’s) and entering personal information. That is NOT a sound security practice. They should know better… than to do what we tell them to do.