Hapless Weiner Confided to Leathers the Republican He Hated Most Was … Sean Hannity: ‘He said he’s an a**hole’

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So this bimbo is making the media rounds now, most likely on her was to a short-lived porn career. In the meantime, she’s spilling it all on the beleaguered Anthony Weiner.

Disgraced Anthony Weiner bragged he could help his secret sexting partner secure a $5,000-a-month condo in Chicago where they could meet up for sex – telling her: ‘I’m huge, I can help you.’

Brunette Sydney Leathers, sensationally revealed as the New York mayoral candidate’s online lover, today exclusively tells MailOnline how Weiner fantasised about making love with her in the pad.

Sydney, 23, revealed: ‘He’d talk about how we would have crazy, passionate sex and not disturb the neighbours and just strange stuff like that.

‘He would just have all kinds of different fantasies. He’d tell me: ‘Oh we’d have to keep quiet, we don’t want the neighbours to know, and how would I sneak in and out without anyone knowing?’

Bragging about his influence, Weiner also claimed that he wanted to get Sydney a pass to the Democratic National Convention last year – as well as a job at the Politico website.

So who’s his Politico connection?

Embarrassingly, Weiner shared his thoughts with Sydney on his daily political life and when she asked him which Republican he disliked the most, he replied by saying  Sean Hannity from Fox News,  adding: ‘I was thinking he would respond with like a member of the House he had worked with and he actually said Sean Hannity and that made me laugh because I hate Fox News so I got a kick out of that.

‘If I remember correctly, he said he’s an a**hole.’

We suspect Hannity will have a field day with this.


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