Hapless Obama Turns to Iran for an ‘Elusive Second-Term Victory’

Posted by on Sep 25, 2013 at 8:12 am

He’s happy to sell out the United States (again and again), so long as it’s a so-called victory. His adoring media sycophants are desperate to declare anything a “victory” for him, even at the expense of national security. You know what’s scary? He’s more willing to buddy up with people who want to destroy America than he is to work with Republicans.

With his domestic agenda stalled, President Obama on Tuesday turned to foreign policy to try to secure an elusive second-term win.

Obama has directed Secretary of State John Kerry to go after a nuclear deal with Iran, negotiations that will carry risks but potential rewards for a president nine months into his second term.

Experts on Tuesday promised Iran would be a difficult negotiating partner, and lawmakers from both parties have warned Obama that the softer rhetoric from Iran’s new president could be a trap.

But he’s always the smartest guy in the room, so shut up.

Yet Obama might believe he has a better chance at securing a legacy-defining breakthrough on the international stage, even if it means trusting new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

A legacy-defining breakthrough? Is that what this is about? Obama’s frail ego needs to define his legacy? It’s already defined and cemented in the minds of most Americans. He’s a colossal failure, both domestically and on the world stage.

A foreign policy win could help Obama regain momentum on his domestic agenda.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll released last week showed the president’s approval rating on foreign policy at 47 percent — one of the lowest points of his presidency. That has created a drag on the president’s overall approval rating, which is at its lowest point in more than a year.

Of course it’s all the GOP’s fault. Poor thing. It’s weird, but we never recall the media pining away for a Bush victory of any kind. It’s almost as if they’re cheerleaders for this miserable failure. And to no surprise, it appears this victory is a long way off.

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