Hapless Ezra Klein Still Quoting Obama Campaign Pitches: ‘It’s change we can believe in’

Posted by on Sep 16, 2013 at 9:06 am

Wait, did he really say that? Yes, he did!

Pathetic Journolister Ezra Klein put on his cheerleader costume and pom-poms this morning and actually put his name on this mind-numbing dreck while discussing the withdrawal of Larry Summers as fed chairman.

The negative spin on this is that Obama is proving indecisive in his second term. Leaders need to lead. Instead, Obama is letting himself be led. If he thought striking Syria was the right thing to do, and appointing Larry Summers made the most sense for the country, then he should’ve simply made the decision, executed the policy, and sold the American people on the results.

The more positive spin is that Obama is avoiding a common second-term trap. One problem with the rules around the presidency is that two-term presidents can quickly lose touch with the voters, as they don’t have the threat of reelection forcing them to consider public opinion. Obama, however, is choosing, unusually, to create space for public opinion (as channeled through Congress) to enter the process, and he’s actually redirecting policy because of it. That’s not a lack of leadership. It’s change we can believe in.

Obama lost touch with voters long ago. Except his adoring media hasn’t noticed yet. Via Justin Green:


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