Hacker Says ObamaCare Website Security Still Not Fixed

Posted by on Dec 12, 2013 at 8:06 am

We noticed commercials for this mess airing Wednesday night, so basically Team Obama is urging people to have their identity stolen by enrolling in this mess. HHS has warned Congressional staffers to not rely on information they get from it, they may well be obstructing a criminal probe, and still the site isn’t secure. At what point does this calamitous mess just get shut down?

“So, there’s a few of them,” Kenndedy responded when asked if security problems were still present “there’s one that’s been addressed and that was one of the easiest ones to fix.” But, said Kennedy, “the most critical ones that we had testified in front of congress for are still there.”

On whether the security problems could be fixed, Kennedy said, “my recommendation has always been to basically try to take the site down, rework it, recode, and kind of release a version to stand up and be secure, as well as perform well. This was flawed from the get-go for security and performance.”

Meanwhile, out in Oregon they’ve spent a cool $300 million and signed up a whopping 44 people. Does the American public have any recourse in recouping our money? Of course not. Heck, our money is spent so casually we’re even paying for giant murals that have nothing to do with healthcare. Can’t wait until the Democrats stand around wondering next November why they lost so badly.

Enough already:


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  1. PJ on 12/12/13 at 10:17 am

    I bet that mural sure “raises the positivity” of the dude who was paid $24K for painting it.