Georgia Man Sues to Get GAYGUY License Plate

Posted by on Jan 22, 2013 at 8:06 am

How about just getting a bumpersticker? Do we really need to codify your gayness with a license plate? Is it really that important?

Issuing vanity license plates now may officially be more trouble than it’s worth.

Hours after The Atlanta Journal-Constitution published a story last week about the state’s arbitrary approval process of vanity license plates for motor vehicles, two free-speech lawyers filed a lawsuit against Robert G. Mickell, the commissioner of the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

The suit contends that the state violated the constitutional rights of James Cyrus Gilbert when it rejected his application for the tags 4GAYLIB, GAYPWR and GAYGUY. All three vanity plates are on the list of vanity plates banned by the state, although the state has approved plates expressing some political or religious expressions.

“It’s not like I was asking for something that was vulgar or over the top,” Gilbert, an Atlanta resident, said. “Denying someone the right to put gay on their tag, that’s political. If I want I could get a tag that said straight man, but because it had gay on it, it’s not available.”

The suit seeks to compel the state to approve the requested vanity plate and a court order declaring unconstitutional the state regulation that governs vanity plates. It also asks for nominal damages and attorney fees.

As a commenter points out, if this is the same James Cyrus Gilbert, he may not want to advertise himself.

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