Gay Activist Faces Five Years for Threatening Bobby Jindal

Posted by on Oct 14, 2013 at 10:24 am

Dare to come out against gay marriage and unhinged liberals want to put a bullet in your head. Swell.

A Hawthorne man has pleaded guilty to making a threatening phone call to Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

A federal judge in Newark accepted Ronnie McMillian Jr.’s plea agreement last week. The 28-year-old admitted making the call to Jindal last September and leaving a voicemail saying Jindal and other Republicans would “get a bullet in your head.”

At the time of his arrest last December, prosecutors said McMillian regularly called the offices of public officials and used vulgar language to attack the official’s position on gay rights. He was alleged to have made calls to a staffer for Rep. Michelle Bachmann and to the offices of several other members of Congress.

Left out of the AP story is the fact McMillian is a gay activist.

According to The Record, Ronnie D. McMillian, Jr., a 28-year-old gay rights activist and fashion designer from Hawthorne, pleaded guilty to “a single count of transmitting in interstate commerce a threat to injure another person,” namely Jindal. In exchange for admitting his guilt, he will not be prosecuted for the threats he made against Bachmann and other politicians.

McMillian threatened physical harm against Jindal and criticized his stance on gay rights in a message left on the governor’s Capitol telephone line on Sept. 29, 2012, The Record reported.

You better back the [expletive] off or [begins yelling] every single one of you white [Re]publican parasites are going to get a bullet in your [expletive] head. You are going to hang for treason you disgusting maggot,” McMillian said in the message, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

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2 Responses to “Gay Activist Faces Five Years for Threatening Bobby Jindal”

  1. JoyO on 14/14/13 at 12:11 pm

    We need to start putting some of these bullies in jail when they do things like this without regard to their religion, race, color, sexual orientation, etc.

  2. Sgt Snuggle Bunny on 15/15/13 at 11:16 am

    “…Ronnie D. McMillian, Jr., a 28-year-old gay rights activist and fashion designer…”

    Way to break those stereotypes, champ.