Gallup: Obama Now at 39% Approval, 53% Disapproval

Posted by on Nov 05, 2013 at 1:12 pm

A 14-point deficit for you dwindling number of Obama zombies out there. Please, tell us some more lies. It should do wonders. Will be interesting to see if the media notices.

Update: More bad news for the liar.

A new poll shows that non-ideological swing voters have walked away from President Barack Obama, which could sharply reduce his political influence and power.

“The President no longer has a reservoir of personal goodwill that he can use to turn around dissatisfaction about his job performance,” say GOP pollsters Ed Goeas and Brian Nienaber, who helped craft the poll of 1,000 likely voters.

“This cripples his ability to use the powers and visibility of the Presidency to move his agenda… over-exposure of the President [in speeches and rallies] becomes much more of a tightrope for the message managers in the West Wing of the White House,” the GOP analysts concluded.

Sixty percent of swing voters have an unfavorable image of Obama, while only 36 percent of them have a favorable view, says the George Washington University Battleground Poll, which was released Nov. 4.

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