Florida Congressman Shreds Hypocrite Celebutards for Boycotting Florida While Vacationing in Cuba

Posted by on Jul 23, 2013 at 1:27 pm

An excellent retort to the buffoon Jay Z and his dopey wife.

“Look, thank God we live in a free country, and people can opt to be silly and foolish, but that’s a contrast — they go to Cuba, and that’s okay,” Diaz-Balart said Tuesday on the Laura Ingraham radio show.

They hobnob with the regime; that’s okay. But they won’t go to Florida, where we’re free. That’s their choice, but I think their priorities are a little bit off.”

Jay Z and wife Beyoncé vacationed in Cuba earlier in 2013. They were criticized by Republican lawmakers who said the trip might have been a violation of the U.S. embargo on the communist country.

Beyoncé, meanwhile, had a little accident on stage last night. A shame George Zimmerman wasn’t around to help out. Don’t forget Barack Obama is fast friends with these two, even tweeting about them in the aftermath of his Benghazi disaster. You might think a president of all the people would remind his pals it doesn’t make sense to boycott one of the largest states in the nation, especially when said president is visiting there this week pretending to do something about his disastrous economy. But no, he’s content to help enable the divisions while impersonating a healer.

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