Filner Flashback: Anyone Remember Him Assaulting That United Airlines Employee?

Posted by on Jul 29, 2013 at 6:58 am

Since he was an upstanding member of Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic Congress, this was quickly swept under the rug.

An airport baggage employee who claims Rep. Bob Filner assaulted her after growing irate about his delayed luggage says the court-ordered apology she received from the congressman is “pathetic,” that she is considering civil action and that the courts may have been lenient because of Filner’s status as a lawmaker.

Joanne Kay Kunkel, the 35-year-old United Airlines customer service representative who filed an assault charge against the San Diego Democrat, said the stress and anxiety caused by the encounter have rendered her unable to work at the job she has held for more than eight years.

“This is someone that many people respect and look up to, and if he can get away with this so easily, why can’t anyone off the streets?” Kunkel said in an interview.

She claimed Filner screamed and pushed past her into an employees-only area in search of his bags Aug. 19 at Dulles International Airport in Virginia.

At the General District Court of Loudon County, Va., on Monday, Filner entered a so-called Alford plea after prosecutors reduced the misdemeanor assault and battery charge to trespassing.

In the plea, similar to a no-contest plea, Filner did not admit guilt, but acknowledged that sufficient evidence exists for a conviction. He was fined $100 and ordered to write Kunkel an apology, which Kunkel received in the mail.

Filner wrote that he is “sorry for raising my voice and behaving discourteously toward you and your colleagues,” Kunkel said, reading the letter in a telephone interview.

“ ‘I was frustrated after a long day of traveling,’ ” Filner wrote, she said. “ ‘I overreacted and should not have done so. Please accept my most sincere apologies.’ ”

So his own personal War on Women dates back much further, huh? Meanwhile, 67% of San Diego residents think this creep should resign, and if not 60% believe he should be recalled.

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2 Responses to “Filner Flashback: Anyone Remember Him Assaulting That United Airlines Employee?”

  1. richard mcenroe on 29/29/13 at 10:34 am

    This piece of Democrat didn’t start molesting women last week. This proudly-elected Democrat has almost certainly been assaulting women all his post-pubescent life, and the Democratic party including his colleague Democrat Nancy Pelosi have been working to cover it up.