FBI: Bombs could have been in bag or backpack

Posted by on Apr 16, 2013 at 5:43 pm

The FBI tonight said the bombs that killed three and injured 176 others at the finish line of the Boston Marathon could have been carried in “a heavy, dark colored bag” or backpack, said FBI Agent in Charge Richard DesLauriers.

He also said 2,000 tips have come in to the FBI. As medical officials have reported, DesLauriers added the bombs had BBs and nails in a “possible” pressure-cooker type device that ripped into the victims — causing amputations.

He said forensic detectives are “rebuilding” the bombs and the FBI has found “black nylon” from the backpack or bags. Both bomb sites had traces of the black nylon shards, the FBI said.

DesLauriers said investigators are moving “methodically, carefully but with a sense of urgency.”

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