Facing Steep Decline in Union Membership, AFL-CIO Seeks Partnership with NAACP and Sierra Club

Posted by on Aug 14, 2013 at 8:45 am

So how’s being buddies with Obama working out, Dick?

It was an unexpected and blunt admission by one of the nation’s most powerful labor leaders: “We are in crisis, and we have to do things differently,” AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told USA Today last week.

Hmm, maybe getting in bed with the failed president has something to do with that, huh, Dick? Boy, it seems like only yesterday you clowns were flexing your muscles in Wisconsin. Then came colossal failure and a rejection by the public.

His candid assessment heralds a change in strategy for the one-time labor giant.  It is now seeking to partner with other left-leaning organizations such as the NAACP and the Sierra Club to bolster its influence, and its lagging membership.

The idea would have been heretical in an earlier time when such partnerships meant solidarity under the union label and the obligation of union dues.

Under Trumka’s plan, there is no expectation that new AFL-CIO partners would join the federation.

“Hopefully, sometime,” Trumka told the paper. “First they’ll be partners at the local level. They’ll actually be in the structure of the local labor movement in some places but it will vary.” And as for paying union dues?

“Well, some may, some may not,” Trumka said.

Sure sounds like a plan, huh, Dick? e’re sure the NAACP will happily supply thousands of new members what with black unemployment at record levels. And the Sierra Club? Yes, that’s a job-creating juggernaut you got there.

If the strategy smacks of desperation, Cato Institute Senior fellow Chris Edwards says it should come as no surprise.

“Americans have rejected unionism,” Edwards says. “Particularly young people. If you look at the overall unionization rate, it’s seven percent but among young people, it’s just four percent which is remarkable.”

The young folks would just be thankful to have a job at this point. It’s highly doubtful they’ll want even more taken out of their paychecks so slobs like Dick Trumka can live like fatcats.


2 Responses to “Facing Steep Decline in Union Membership, AFL-CIO Seeks Partnership with NAACP and Sierra Club”

  1. Andy on 14/14/13 at 11:49 am

    Uuum, I don’t think it would be wise to join up with the NAACP, I think their credibility is lower than the AFL-CIO’s.

    Not a wise decision.

    The Sierra club I don’t know about, but like you say: job-creating juggernaut…yeah!

  2. KristenS on 14/14/13 at 12:08 pm

    And among the 4% of young people who are enrolled in unions, how many of those are in mandatory-union states? For example, you are not allowed to be a teacher in New York State if you’re not a member of the teacher’s unions there, so young teachers, fresh out of college, are required to join up if they want to work in that state.