Eliot Spitzer Quits Current TV Show Nobody Was Watching

Posted by on Jan 06, 2013 at 6:48 pm

What, you didn’t know Eliot Spitzer was still on the air? Join, well, everybody.

Eliot Spitzer, the former New York governor turned progressive television host, said Sunday that his show on Current TV is over.

The announcement comes a few days after Al Jazeera said it was acquiring Current TV. Later this year, the Qatar-owned broadcaster plans to turn the channel into an Americanized version of the international news channel Al Jazeera English.

Mr. Spitzer said he had a “wonderful time” at Current, but emphasized that his relationship was with Al Gore and Joel Hyatt, Current’s co-founders, not with Al Jazeera. “Moving forward, their mission will be different,” he said — more international newscasts, less liberal talk about the news.

Because goodness knows there’s such an overwhelming demand for more liberal talk.

Spitzer isn’t the only major talent to depart Current.

Al Jazeera said that the progressive talk shows on Current would continue for about three months before changes are put in place. But two of Current’s hosts, the former governor of Michigan Jennifer Granholm and the sitting lieutenant governor of California Gavin Newsom, said they would leave within weeks.

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