Egypt Bans Muslim Brotherhood, Orders Assets Confiscated

Posted by on Sep 23, 2013 at 8:42 am

It’s a start.

An Egyptian court has banned the Muslim Brotherhood group and ordered its assets confiscated in a dramatic escalation of a crackdown by the military-backed government against supporters of the ousted Islamist president Mohammed Morsi.

Egypt state TV said the court issued its ruling on Monday.

The Brotherhood was outlawed for most of its 85 years in existence. But after the 2011 ouster of autocrat Hosni Mubarak, it was allowed to work openly, formed a political party and rose to power in a string of post-Mubarak elections. In March, it registered as a recognized non-governmental organization.

Now we should ban terror sympathizers like CAIR in this country. But we’re too afraid pf being called Islamophobes, so that’ll never happen.

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