Egomaniac Bloomberg Claims He’ll be Counterweight to NRA: ‘You can organize people, I can write checks’

Posted by on Jan 14, 2013 at 10:36 am

One man versus an organization with millions of members? I’ll go with the NRA on this one.

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has pledged to be a “counterweight” to the National Rifle Association. Bloomberg’s net worth is estimated at $22 billion.

Of the NRA, Bloomberg says, “I’m going to prove a counterweight.” And he has, to a certain degree, put some money where his mouth his. Bloomberg “spent about $10 million in five congressional and statewide races against NRA-supported candidates last year, winning four of those contests,” the Washington Post reports.

And Bloomberg believes his money has been well spent. “It seemed effective, and I’m certainly going to take a good, hard look at next time. . . . You can organize people, I can write checks.”

Four million NRA members can also write checks, douchebag.

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