Docs describe nails, BBs viciously blasted into Marathon patients

Posted by on Apr 16, 2013 at 5:45 pm

Doctors today described objects “clearly designed to be projectiles” removed from patients injured in yesterday’s Marathon explosions.

“There’s no question some of these objects were implanted in the device for the purpose of being exploded when the device went off,” said Dr. Ron Walls, Brigham & Women’s chair of emergency medicine.

They are “ball-bearing type” objects, “just a little larger than a BB,” said Walls, describing metallic beads about two to three millimeters in diameter. Surgeons also removed more than a dozen small “carpenter-type nails” about a centimeter to an inch in length from one patient, he said.

Citing a person briefed on the probe into the explosions, the Associated Press reported this afternoon that the bombs were made out of pressure cookers loaded with metal and ball bearings.

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