Disgraced CBS Hack Goes Nuts on Reporter: “You know every time you call my f–king attorney, it costs me a thousand dollars?”

Posted by on May 01, 2013 at 2:23 pm

You may recall this pathetic loser from back in February when he choked and threatened to kill his wife and shoot his son. Since then he apparently hasn’t controlled his rage and alcohol issues. Now running low on cash with no future job prospects, the hard-hitting newsman has decided to berate reporters for doing their job.

What a douchebag.

He’s mad and broke.

Raging, unemployed anchorman Rob Morrison unloaded on his local newspaper yesterday, ripping the publication for disclosing details of his on-going, domestic-violence case.

But Morrison – who resigned from Channel 2 shortly after his February bust for allegedly attacking wife Ashley Morrison – seemed particularly miffed at The Darien Times for calling his defense lawyer for comment.

The legal eagle apparently charges by the minute and phone call.

“You know every time you call my f–king attorney, it costs me a thousand dollars?” the hot-tempered, cash-strapped, former news reader told the paper.

In his nonsensical, profanity-laced rant, Morrison also questioned why the paper would rely on records from the court clerk.

“The clerk is your source? [The state’s attorney] you f–king idiot,” he told the Connecticut newspaper. “F–k the clerk.”

Nice. At the rate this clown’s going, Keith Olbermann seems employable next to him.

Some other highlights:

The self-styled New York big shot also belittled the local paper, mocking its “big time” treatment of his arrest.

“Your sources suck in the Stamford Court, and the Darien Times — I know this is big time for ya, OK, but your sources suck, brother,” Morrison said.

Don’t you know who I am???

The temper-challenged news reader had been scheduled to appear in court yesterday for arraignment, but that was put off until May 21.

He’s facing felony second-degree strangulation and misdemeanor threatening and disorderly conduct charges.

Morrison said the authorities cannot be believed, ripping the paper for publishing “whatever is f–king fed to you on some press release or some form.”




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6 Responses to “Disgraced CBS Hack Goes Nuts on Reporter: “You know every time you call my f–king attorney, it costs me a thousand dollars?””

  1. Blue Hen on 1/01/13 at 3:27 pm

    Gosh. I wonder if Mr. Big Time would be more impressed by the court transcript? let’s find out, shall we? The people horking down popcorn have a right to know.

  2. Pygmy Rattler on 1/01/13 at 8:04 pm

    I feel for his wife and son.
    Maybe a little time in the slammer to spend some precious moments with “Bubba”.

  3. Bill Johnson on 1/01/13 at 11:31 pm

    karma is a bitch, no?

    let’s all get out our popcorn, and watch the self-destruction of an individual.

    OK, sorry he’s round the bend, but…. he’s round the bend. and why are we paying attention?

  4. Blue Hen on 2/02/13 at 9:48 am

    Perhaps it’s because we’ve been treated to a steady stream of hypocrisy and uneven treatment at the hands of the MFM, especially on the subject of violence, including warring on women. Iowhawk ably noted that the media as a profession are overrepresented on police reports for such activities. So. When one of theirs flames out, we pause and warm our hands over the fire.