Despite Shutting Down the Government, Obama Still Planning Asia Trip

Posted by on Oct 01, 2013 at 1:59 pm

Why should Obama’s government shutdown affect Obama? Since when has reality stopped him?

The White House said Tuesday that President Obama is still planning to leave for a week-long trip to Asia beginning Sunday, even with the government in full shutdown mode.

Spokesman Joshua Earnest said there are no changes to announce to the president’s schedule “at this point.”

“We’ll keep you updated,” he said.

The president is slated to spend next week visiting Indonesia — where he lived for three years — Brunei, Malaysia and the Philippines on a trip that includes two economic summits where he will promote U.S. trade ties to the region.

But with Democrats and Republicans deadlocked on a funding bill and little sign of a quick resolution, the president faces a difficult decision sticking to his travel plans.

A difficult decision? Just do like he does every day: Come out, give the finger to the American people, and walk away.  Not like he’s not used to doing that.

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