Deranged Lawrence O’Donnell: All the NYPD Officers Doing Stop-and-Frisk Have Used Drugs or Something

Posted by on Aug 28, 2013 at 7:04 am

He cites no evidence for this ridiculous assertion, so we can only assume he’s a crackhead himself. Seriously, what kind of nuttiness is this? Does he even know police are drug-tested?

When police reach into an African American teenager’s pockets, that’s what they’re hoping to find. That’s the goal of stop-and-frisk: taking a gun off the street or any other deadly weapons like knives. But no weapon is as deadly as a gun, so a gun is the goal. Of course, the cops are perfectly happy to find drugs in those pockets to justify their stopping and frisking, but the cops have almost all used those same drugs themselves, the very same drugs in their teenage years. And they know that pulling a few joints out of a kid’s pocket isn’t exactly stopping a major crime in progress.

We realize people with no rating have to say anything to gain notice, but claiming these cops have used drugs with no evidence should earn this guy a pink slip. His ratings sure help that case.


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