Creepy Hero Worship: Chuckie Schumer Sleeps Next to Life-Size Poster of Obama

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Apparently the White House Youth aren’t the only ones worshipping their cult hero Obama. Meet Chuckie Schumer, 60-something ‘Alpha” male and apparent Obama worshipper. Well, until now. Normally a guy like Schumer would rail against slumlords for allowing tenants to live in such squalid conditions, but since his landlord lives with him, we guess he cuts the guy some slack.

Somehow the fact these three morons shack up together in DC is newsworthy over at CNN. Hard-hitting stuff, and by that we mean you’ll be hitting your head against the wall after watching.

Paint peeling off the walls. Sheets for curtains. Broken blinds. A mangled wicker chair made settable with a board. An ancient stove with a giant hole. And there’s also the pile of underwear in the living room.

What looks and feels like the most rundown frat house on campus is actually the Capitol Hill home of some of the most powerful men in Washington.

“Welcome to the Omega House,” joked Dick Durbin, who is the second-ranking Democrat in the Senate.

“This is where I’ve lived for 31 years,” boasted Chuck Schumer, the Senate’s third-ranking Democrat.

It’s hard to believe half the Senate Democratic leadership lives in these conditions, together. But they have for decades.

When Rep. George Miller, D-California, the third roommate and landlord, came in the door, he immediately ribbed the Senators as deadbeats.

“You guys get the rent from them?” asked Miller.

The house is so legendary that it inspired the new television series “Alpha House” on

It’s amazing how cheap these guys are yet they have no compunction spending our money with impunity. The part with the Obama poster comes after 1:30. Weird. And here we had Schumer pegged as a Bieber fan.

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