Cory Booker on His Make-Believe Friend: “He is 1,000 percent a real person”

Posted by on Aug 29, 2013 at 7:39 pm

Care to correct the record, Senator?

Cory Booker thought the tale of T-Bone was behind him.

The oft-repeated story of the drug-dealer that threatened his life and then became a friend, dogged Booker early in his mayoral career. In 2007, The Star-Ledger questioned the veracity of T-Bone and other tales from Booker’s stump speech.

By happenstance Booker was a clear choice to replace his criminal predecessor, Sharpe James, so who really cared that he lived in a fantasy world?

But now in a heated fight for the U.S. Senate, with Republican opponent Steve Lonegan battling a distant second for the post, the apparently fictional T-Bone was resurrected anew by a story in the conservative magazine, The National Review.

Clement Price, a distinguished professor of history at Rutgers-Newark, is quoted as saying Booker confessed to him T-Bone was a made-up character.

In an interview with The Star-Ledger, Price reiterated the confession.

“Cory realized that he had erred,” Price said of his 2008 conversation with the mayor. “He told me that my criticism of his invention of T-Bone made perfect sense to him and he had made a mistake.”

The Booker campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment but Booker has repeatedly maintained that T-Bone was a real character and he used him to illustrate conditions for many people in similar situations in Newark.

T-Bone, Booker said in the 2007 story, “He is 1,000 percent a real person.”

It won’t be long that questioning Booker’s sanity is racist.

If you’re just catching up to this story, start here. None of this will matter since he’s facing token Republican nominee Steve Lonegan, but voter should at least consider this before robotically pulling the lever for this fraud.

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6 Responses to “Cory Booker on His Make-Believe Friend: “He is 1,000 percent a real person””

  1. Shtetl G on 30/30/13 at 9:41 am

    Did you catch the out the campaign floated? They are insisting that Tbone is a real character, not, say, a real person. Of course he is real character. Who could forget that episode of TJ Hooker that Booker ganked him from.

    As far as the sins of hack politicians go this is minor and quite common and will have no effect on Booker get elected.