Convicted Insider Trading Obama Donor Enjoys a ‘Manservant’ in Prison: “He’s reigning like a king”

Posted by on Aug 27, 2013 at 6:34 am

These pals of Barack even enjoy the high life in federal prison.

This ain’t hard time.

Fat-cat financial felon Raj Rajaratnam is kickin’ it big in the Big House — with a personal “manservant” at his beck and call, a prison insider tells me.

“He’s reigning like a king,” said the source of Rajaratnam’s new digs at the Federal Medical Center Devens, in Ayer, Mass., where he’ll spend the next 11 years on an insider-trading conviction.

“He’s doing his time in the lap of luxury compared to the other inmates.”

I’m told the one-time high-flying Manhattan billionaire has snagged a prime cell in Unit P3, the top floor of Devens’ hospital ward — usually reserved for the most seriously ill inmates.

What’s more, the source tells me, Raj “has a very delightful guy doing all sorts of stuff for him — sort of like a ‘manservant.’ When Raj needs something, this guy gets if for him.”

The manservant is a “gentle giant,” an American Samoan named Eddie, whose main job in the P3 unit is to push wheelchair-bound prisoners. He got himself transferred to P3 after befriending Raj, according to the snitch.

“He became enamored of Raj, and Raj started talking about how much he once paid his chauffeurs. Now Eddie wants to be Raj’s driver when he gets out,” the insider told me.

Obama’s pals even enjoy the  life of luxury  in prison. We’re surprised he doesn’t get to play golf every day.


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