Confused Henry ‘Nostrilitus’ Waxman: Repuplicans Trying to Sabotage the Enormously Successful ObamaCare

Posted by on Oct 24, 2013 at 12:44 pm

Obviously their attempts at sabotage haven’t worked as designed since it’s an enormous success. He’s not only the world’s ugliest man, he may also  be the most confused.

Rep. Henry Waxman (D., Calif.), the committee’s top Democrat, said the Affordable Care Act was an “enormous success” overall but agreed that the website’s poor performance was causing “understandable frustration.” He said Republicans were “attempting to sabotage” President Barack Obama’s signature health law.

Charles Cooke at NRO has a look at the kook sabotage conspirators.

This observation has screamed back into my mind this week as I watched the disastrous rollout of Obamacare’s much-vaunted health-care exchanges provoke apologists into spreading nonsense. Somewhere, deep down, the president’s allies must know that their man blew the launch — and blew it good. Nevertheless, some of the brighter members of the movement have caught themselves in a trap, responding to the widespread criticism of their signature achievement with the ludicrous allegation that it is being thwarted by outside forces — namely, Republicans and their donors. Indeed, even Barack Obama has proven susceptible.

In the course of a defiant speech at the White House, the president rode bravely into the realm of magical thinking: “It’s time for folks to stop rooting for its failure,” Obama said, adopting the panicked tones of a cheap infomercial salesman. Why? “Because hardworking middle-class families are rooting for its success.” For her part, Nancy Pelosi offered her own insinuation yesterday, suggesting that Republicans who continued to oppose the law were guilty of “sabotage.”

The sad thing is they know their low-information supporters will mouth this nonsense. It’s all an effort to remove themselves from culpability.

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3 Responses to “Confused Henry ‘Nostrilitus’ Waxman: Repuplicans Trying to Sabotage the Enormously Successful ObamaCare”

  1. jkmack on 24/24/13 at 1:15 pm

    Hey really leveraged those modeling sessions for Gary Larsen into a successful political career.

  2. Doc on 25/25/13 at 11:54 am

    No one who is not reqired to obtain this pos health insurance should have a right to say anything about it, that includes the top jackass in the WH.