Conciliatory White House Grants GOP Seven Minutes to Discuss Obama Sequester

Posted by on Feb 28, 2013 at 8:11 am

Obviously Obama needs to work on his golf game so he doesn’t have much time for the evil GOP. We figured he’d be able to squeeze in 15 minutes to talk about his sequester. But no, he and his henchmen were busy threatening Bob Woodward, so they had to cut it down to seven minutes. These folks have their priorities.

Never let it be said that President Obama has failed to spend time with Republican leaders in seeking an alternative to automatic budget cuts that are due to hit most federal departments Friday. On Wednesday, for example, the president gave GOP lawmakers as much as seven minutes, a rare face-to-face encounter that the White House described as a “meeting.”

The White House’s characterization of this momentary huddle at the Capitol as a meeting illuminates Mr. Obama’s strategy in dealing with Republicans on the budget cuts and other fiscal deadlines.

With speeches and other staged events, the president has tried to build public pressure for his agenda of tax increases coupled with spending cuts.

But he has made little time for negotiating directly with lawmakers who oppose his plans.

Of course his palace guard would say that’s seven minutes too much.


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