Col. David Hunt on Obama’s Denial of Death Benefits to Fallen Heroes: “I’m Ashamed For Our Country”

Posted by on Oct 10, 2013 at 7:37 am

Thanks to the Obama temper tantrum, 26 military families have already been denied death benefits. Is it any wonder Obama’s approval rating had plummeted to 37%. Bill O’Reilly had Ralph Peters and David Hunt on as guests Wednesday evening and they went nuclear on both Obama and the hapless Chuck Hagel. Peters, normally mild-mannered, was livid. Check him out toward the end of this clip, and watch the whole thing. For some reason the clip at Fox doesn’t have the embed code, so we snagged it from a far-left crackpot outfit that finds this stuff amusing, apparently. This whole denying benefits to families? GOP’s fault, of course.

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