CNBC Host Eviscerates Steny Hoyer for Saying We Don’t Have Spending Problem, but a ‘Paying-For Problem’

Posted by on Feb 12, 2013 at 12:30 pm

It appears there are some honest media types who aren’t going to sit there an accept this intellectual bankruptcy at face value.

“I’ve heard Democrat after Democrat today tell me how much the president reached out to me during that last speech, and now he’s going to do it again tonight,” Caruso-Cabrera began incredulously.

“I sat in meetings with the president sitting with Republican leadership in the Senate and the House, and trying to get to a compromise,” Hoyer countered. “We didn’t get there, but he spent a lot of time in doing so. And any fair analysis would indicate that he was prepared to go to places, particularly on entitlements, that would upset his base.”

“Sir, does the country have a spending problem?” Caruso-Cabrera asked.

“Does the country have a – the country has a paying-for problem,” Hoyer replied. “We haven’t paid for what we’ve bought.”

“Are we promising too much?” Caruso-Cabrera pressed.

“Absolutely,” Hoyer agreed. “If we don’t pay, we shouldn’t buy.”

“How is that different from a spending problem?” She followed up.

“We spent a lot of money when George Bush was President of the United States,” Hoyer replied.

Oh, it’s Bush’s fault.  Never mind.


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