Chicagoland: Man Facing Eviction Pulls Banned ‘Assault Weapon’ on Landlord

Posted by on Jan 10, 2013 at 8:04 am

Wait, I thought so-called “assault weapons” were already banned in Chicago? Doesn’t this make the latest Democrat gun grab look rather ineffective since if the weapons were already banned, how is it these Obama supporters still have them?

A South Shore resident who was about to be evicted was arrested instead Tuesday night after threatening his landlord with an AK-47 assault rifle, police said.

The landlord approached Frank Johnson, 54, at his home in the 2000 block of East 72nd Street to discuss eviction, police News Affairs Officer John Mirabelli said.

Johnson responded by pointing an AK-47 assault rifle at the landlord, who then called police to report a man with a gun, Mirabelli said.

Responding officers asked Johnson if he had a handgun, and he allegedly said he did not, only a rifle, Mirabelli said. The gun turned out to be the AK-47.

Johnson was also found to be in possession of extended magazines loaded with 400 rounds of ammunition for the rifle and 36 rounds for a .357 handgun, police said. No handgun was found at the residence.

This just shows yet again how meaningless these gun control laws are. The criminals will find a way to get them regardless while law-abiding Americans are under siege.

Meanwhile, business as usual in the Community Obama Organized last night, with five more people shot and one killed. But hey, it’s the NRA that’s to blame or something, not these lawless thugs.

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3 Responses to “Chicagoland: Man Facing Eviction Pulls Banned ‘Assault Weapon’ on Landlord”

  1. mycnh on 10/10/13 at 1:36 pm

    Oh wait – he was fighting eviction.

    That means he’s standing with Occupy WallStreet. Therefore he is “standing up to the man”.

    See, isn’t rationalizing easy?

  2. MT Geoff on 10/10/13 at 4:41 pm

    H’m. Someone with an AK, 400 rounds in magazines, and revolver ammo but no visible revolver. This could be a law-abiding citizen but which of us thinks so? I’m betting this particular Occupier has a felony conviction somewhere.