CBS/NYT Poll: Only 15% of Insured Say ObamaCare Will Help Them

Posted by on Dec 18, 2013 at 7:33 am

We’re starting to think they feel deceived by Obama’s constant lies.

Skepticism about the health care law extends to both insured and uninsured Americans, according to a CBS News/New York Times poll. Both groups disapprove of the law overall, and while the uninsured are more positive about the law’s personal impact than those with insurance, more still think the law will hurt rather than help them. CBS News and The New York Times interviewed 702 adults who do not have health insurance for this poll.

Just 15 percent of insured Americans think the health care law will help them personally, but that number rises to 33 percent among the uninsured. Still, more uninsured Americans think the health care law will hurt them (37 percent).  Thirty-two percent of insured Americans say it’ll hurt them.  Overall, 46 percent feel it will have no effect (49 percent of insured Americans, 27 percent of uninsured).

As to the currently uninsured, a number that is actually increasing thanks to Obama’s colossal incompetence,  only a third of them think the healthcare system will be improved. We’re stunned the number is that high, frankly.

Views are mixed on the impact the health care law will have on the nation’s health care system. A third of uninsured Americans think the law will improve the health care system, but just as many say it will make the system worse. Insured Americans are not especially optimistic either: 37 percent think it will improve the health care system, 39 percent say it’ll make it worse.

Anyone who believes things will be better probably think this guy is cool:


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