CBS: Memo Reveals Healthcare Adviser Warned White House Was Losing Control Three Years Ago

Posted by on Nov 04, 2013 at 9:03 am

More bad news for the most incompetent White House ever.

CBS News is learning the Obama administration knew of the risks associated with the Obamacare rollout well before last month.

Three years ago, a trusted Obama health care adviser warned the White House it was losing control of Obamacare. A memo obtained by CBS News said strong leadership was missing and the law’s successful implementation was in jeopardy. The warnings were specific and dire — and ignored.

David Cutler, who worked on the Obama 2008 campaign and was a valued outside health care consultant wrote this blunt memo to top White House economic adviser Larry Summers in May 2010: “I do not believe the relevant members of the administration understand the president’s vision or have the capability to carry it out.”

Cutler wrote no one was in charge who had any experience in complex business start-ups. He also worried basic regulations, technology and policy coordination would fail.

“You need to have people who have understanding of the political process, people who understand how to work within an administration and people who understand how to start and build a business, and unfortunately, they just didn’t get all of those people together,” Cutler said.

The White House dismissed these and other warnings. It relied on appointed bureaucrats and senior White House health care advisers. Fearful of constant attacks from congressional Republicans, the White House became secretive about the law’s complexity and regulatory reach.

Cutler said: “It is frustrating any time you really want to see something succeed because you believe it’s good for people, and it doesn’t get off on the right foot.”

One month after its launch, the federal health care website remains hobbled. Dan Pfeiffer, senior White House adviser, said Sunday: “The website failures are absolutely inexcusable, and we own that.”

Damn right you do. So why are you clowns trying to blame everyone but Obama?

Meanwhile, former Obama spokesthing Bob Gibbs chimed in this morning on the promise you could keep your insurance.

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