CBO: Millions More to Lose Employer Health Insurance

Posted by on Nov 21, 2013 at 8:08 am

Remember, the Congressional Budget Office is revered as being non-partisan. Well, except when they embarrass Obama. Now they’ll be an enemy of the state.

Millions of people are expected to lose their employer-based healthcare coverage over the next decade, according to business surveys and estimates by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

By 2016, the CBO has projected that 6 million fewer people will receive employer-based health insurance compared with this year. The estimate includes those who could obtain coverage through their work but choose not to.

Experts say the healthcare law is not the cause of the general shift by employers from providing healthcare, but acknowledge supporters of the law will have to defend it.

“We had rising costs before the [Affordable Care Act], and we had employers dropping coverage before the ACA. … But in politics, these things are fair game,” said Dan Mendelson, president of the consulting firm Avalere Health.

While the White House is currently focused on the wave of plans canceled in the individual market, the move away from employer-based health insurance could pose an even bigger political problem in the years after ObamaCare is fully enacted.

All the more reason to abort this fiasco now.

Republican National Committee spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski vowed that the issue would come back to haunt Democrats in the midterm elections.

“Rising healthcare costs, Americans losing their healthcare plans and their doctors and employers cutting hours and benefits are all things Democrats are going to have to answer for in 2014,” Kukowski said in a statement.

“President Obama and the Democrats knew there were consequences with ObamaCare and they lied to Americans to pass a trainwreck of a law.”

Democrats lied, your insurance plan died.

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