CA Shooting Rampage Suspect ID’d as Ali Syed: “There’s no indication of a motive”

Posted by on Feb 19, 2013 at 7:57 pm

We’d suggest the name Ali Syed was an indication of a motive, but we’re not real reporters, so we won’t speculate until further navel gazing has concluded.

Four people are dead and at least two others wounded in a shooting rampage that led authorities from Ladera Ranch to Orange early Tuesday, authorities said.

One woman was shot and killed in Ladera Ranch, and authorities said the gunman then carjacked three vehicles in and around Tustin.

“I killed someone, today is my last day,” Tustin Police Chief Scott Jordan said the man told one of his victims.

Two people were killed in the carjackings, one shot in what police described as an “execution” at the side of the road. Two others people were wounded before the man suspected in the shootings stopped in Orange, walked out of the car and shot himself with a shotgun.

The gunman was identified by authorities as Ali Syed, a 21-year-old Ladera Ranch man who was student and lived with his parents. His connection to the woman killed in Ladera Ranch, identified only as a woman in her 20s, was unknown, authorities said.

Two of the men killed during the carjackings were also identified by authorities.

What prompted the early-morning shootings was not immediately clear, authorities said, but the deadly chain of events was believed to have started before 4:45 a.m., when a woman was shot multiple times in a Ladera Ranch home on Red Leaf Lane, said Jim Amormino, spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

“There’s no indication of a motive,” Jordan said.

Syed is believed to have obtained the shotgun from his home, Amormino said. What the woman was doing in the Ladera Ranch home is not known.

A shotgun? Uh oh. Maybe we’ll have to ban those now, too. This story indicates Syed is 20 and unemployed. You can be sure this story will disappear from the national news radar by midnight.

 Update: More details here. Sure smells like Sudden Jihadi Syndrome.


7 Responses to “CA Shooting Rampage Suspect ID’d as Ali Syed: “There’s no indication of a motive””

  1. Blue Hen on 20/20/13 at 8:44 am

    the man suspected in the shootings stopped in Orange, walked out of the car and shot himself with a shotgun

    Thank you VP Biden, smartest man….in the World.

  2. Joey Biden on 20/20/13 at 9:46 am

    Was it a double barrel shotgun?? I think I’m getting some movement in my trousers that I haven’t felt in years!!!

  3. Darth Chipmunk on 20/20/13 at 10:41 am

    Yet another story of a young blue stater marinated in impotent hopelessness who acts out a murderous, suicidal rampage. Am I supposed to be shocked? Should I sit wringing my hands over yet another “tragedy”? Probably better to blame an inanimate object, right? At what point can I step forward, express frustrated anger and suggest that we’re getting exactly what we asked for, and we’re getting it good and hard.

    Poor Texas. Those sad bastards are so busy patting themselves on the back for “poaching” California companies and workers, they haven’t realized they’ve also imported the arrogant activists, too. In ten years, thoughtful, intelligent Californians will sit on every School Board, City Council and County Board and then you too will benefit from “California wisdom”. Congratulations.

    And eventually, the disease that is causing our children to literally self-destruct will be visited on all the rest of you for your own good. Because shut up. Californians and New Yorkers know best.

  4. lyle on 20/20/13 at 12:11 pm

    Media: Can we tie this to the Tea Party? No? Are you sure? ‘Cuz I’ve already got my report written up and ready to go, pinning this on teabaggers. Details? Background? Context? No, why do I need those?

  5. MT Geoff on 20/20/13 at 3:02 pm

    Sorry, there are any number of explanations for this tragedy. The most plausible one is a spurned man who killed the woman he wanted, then acted out against whoever was available. Sayed may be Muslim, Christian or otherwise but you need some reason before blaming this on religion. That’s possible but it’s three or four notches down the list.