Boston to Obama: Please Stay Away From Fenway Park So You Don’t Jinx the Red Sox

Posted by on Oct 30, 2013 at 8:05 am

These people felt like they were jinxed for 86 years after Harry Frazee sold Babe Ruth to the hated New York Yankees. That was finally erased in 2004 with their miraculous comeback to beat the Yankees in the ALCS and subsequent sweep of  St. Louis in the World Series. They again won in a sweep in 2007 over Colorado, but what they haven’t witnessed in nearly 100 years is a Red Sox World Series clincher at Fenway Park.

So you can understand these people being superstitious.  Enter the biggest failure in America today tying to inject himself into the story.

A potential Obama visit to World Series Game 6 at Fenway Park is off again, after sources told the Herald that Boston police were planning for the possibility.

Boston police said President Obama is not expected to go to Fenway.

“The discussions that would have had to have taken place prior to that happening have not occurred. There is no indication he is going to the game,” said Superintendent in Chief Daniel Linskey.

For some odd reason Obama decided to show up in Boston today to try and sell his disastrous ObamaCare by comparing it with RomneyCare.

Dear President Obama,

Welcome to Massachusetts! There’s nothing Boston enjoys more on the same day as Game Six of the World Series at Fenway Park than a presidential entourage traveling through our city streets.

Really — just park anywhere. It’s fine.

When you’re at Faneuil Hall today celebrating the success that is Romney/Obama/IfYouLikeItYouCanKeepYour-care, maybe you could share with America some of the super-wonderfulness of life as a health care customer in Massachusetts.

Could you mention, for example, that the state you’re using as America’s model has the highest health care premiums in the country? I bet the folks down in Pennsylvania, where unsubsidized coverage for a family of four costs less than $10,000 a year, will be thrilled to learn that, according to Josh Archambault of the Pioneer Institute, the average family premium in Massachusetts is $17,000.

I bet the Amish can’t wait for Obamacare to do the same for them!

So this miserable failure thinks touting a proven failure will help cure all his failures. Then maybe he can finagle his way into Fenway in the hopes of appearing near a winner. Sorry, no.

Howie Carr also has a message for this tool.

First he ruins the health care system. Now he wants to come in and wreck the World Series.

Say it ain’t so, B.O.

How can we miss this guy when he won’t go away?

Yesterday, the White House was dithering back and forth over whether to go to Game 6 tonight. They haven’t been this confused since they were trying to decide whether to bomb Syria.

Listen, Mr. President, I understand that sports is one of many subjects you know absolutely nothing about. But trust me on this — tonight is going to be a big night for what the mayor calls “knuckleheads.”

Local knuckleheads. Granted, you have proven beyond a doubt this month with Obamacare that you are by far the biggest 
knucklehead in the nation, but this is not where you belong tonight.

This should be the night the Red Sox, or the Red Sock, as Mumbles calls them, wrap up what he last week termed the “World Serious Cup.”

Mr. President, you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

Imagine the posters you’ll see up in the stands tonight if you try to big-foot the celebration:

“Obama Lied, My Health Care Died.”

“You Owe Me $2,500.”

“Ask Me About My Death Panel.”

Carr has an even better suggestion that big-footing the fans at Fenway:

Listen, Mr. President, I have an idea. If you decide to stick around, why don’t you send the limo over to Southie to pick up Auntie Zeituni while you’re harvesting big bucks at Alan Solomont’s mansion 
in Weston.

Then the limo can pick you up and drive to Framingham, where you can meet your beloved Uncle Omar and buy a round for the house at the Chicken Bone. It’s Karaoke Night at the Bone!

Just stay out of Fenway Park, or is that Funway Field, Mr. President?

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2 Responses to “Boston to Obama: Please Stay Away From Fenway Park So You Don’t Jinx the Red Sox”

  1. Steve C. on 30/30/13 at 10:42 am

    There has been a story going around for a few years, that GW Bush went to just two major sporting events during his two terms as president, and only early in his first term. Bush is of course a huge sports fan, and he probably saw this as a real perk of his presidency. But the story goes that he was horrified by the inconvenience that the Secret Service procedures placed upon the fans at those events. Sometimes whole sections are off limits, and fans can end up waiting outside, until the president leaves in the 4th inning or whenever, etc. So he stopped going to sporting events. Contrast that with Barry…

  2. lyle on 30/30/13 at 2:02 pm

    Don’t worry Boston, he’ll show up for game seven. I don’t have a rooting interest who wins the WS, it’s just that Zero has an uncanny apptitude for effing things up for at least half the country so it makes sense he’ll show up anyway.