Bloomberg’s Radical Anti-Gun Group Said Tsarnaev One of Those “Murdered With Guns”

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Last week it was widely reported  Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group was eulogizing dead Boston Marathon terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Apparently it’s even worse than that and it’s leading to some who were aligned with the group to quietly walk away from the radical anti-gun nuts.

Nashua, New Hampshire Mayor Donnalee Lozeau quietly left in May, claiming that Bloomberg’s group wants to ban legal weapons, far beyond its initial plan and name. She also said that the group’s $2 million assault on New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte for voting against the Senate bill was unfair, according to New Hampshire Union Leader.

Rockford, Illinois Mayor Larry Morrissey quit Mayors Against Illegal Guns because it is pushing for a ban on assault weapons and large magazines, both legal. “As the original mission swayed, that’s when I decided it was no longer in line with my beliefs,” Morrissey told a town hall meeting, according to Rockford Register Star.

While far from a trend in a group of some 950 mayors, news of the resignations came after Bloomberg’s group was whacked when it listed Boston Marathon terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev a victim during a rally against Ayotte in New Hampshire last week.

The group apologized, but Secrets has learned that MAIG delivered a document to Ayotte’s Manchester, N.H., office that also listed Tsarnaev one of those “murdered with guns.” An Ayotte spokeswoman said that the document sent to the Republican senator’s office, “undermines the out of state group’s claim that reading Tsarnaev’s name was a simple mistake.”

Bloomberg has zero credibility and just making statistics to fit this misguided agenda makes him look dumber by the day. For the record, in case the clueless  Bloomberg is unaware, Tsarnaev was shot while trying to kill police and being run over by his brother was also a contributing factor. Should we also say he was murdered by a pickup truck? Interestingly, a report here identifies some others in New Hampshire “murdered by guns,” according to Bloomberg’s group.

Poor Larry was just minding his own business  29 March 13, plying his trade, when police in Walpole, NH interrupted him at work, specifically, committing armed robbery. (His trade? Career violent criminal, specifically, a serial kidnapper and armed robber, and a fugitive at the time of his expiry). Invited to lay down his gun and decamp to a shady cellblock, where he might well meet members of Bloomberg’s MAIG cabal as well as his own old friends, he declined, choosing to test police in a driving contest followed by a challenge of marksmanship instead. Larry took home the 2nd Place Gunfight Cup: fatal gunshot wounds to the head, chest and abdomen. As a convict, Larry was forbidden to possess firearms of any kind, but respect for any law seems absent from his life. Even a stridently anti-police website seems to think Larry had it coming. Another victim of gun violence that Bloomberg would rather have alive and free to ply his trade, which makes the people of Walpole glad that he’s mayor of some lesser place.

Then this guy:

Laroque was gunned down in the prime of his life in Manchester, NH on 9 June 13. All he was doing was committing a violent home invasion at the time, when the apartment dweller defended his fiancee and child by gunning Laroque down and shooting at Laroque’s accomplice, who escaped. Laroque came out of the home he invaded: feet first, head covered, on a gurney (a picture is at the link), much to the chagrin of Bloomberg and Trefethen, who would rather have him alive and free, invading homes and terrorizing children.

In Bloomberg’s world, they’re “victims” of gun. When you have to lie to such lengths to promote a failed agenda it might be time to reconsider what they hell you’re trying to accomplish.

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