Bloomberg Flees Rockaway St. Patrick’s Parade After Locals Boo Him

Posted by on Mar 03, 2013 at 12:01 pm

We hope someone opened up a 64 oz. bottle of soda just to annoy him.

Mayor Bloomberg was booed yesterday as he walked in the annual St. Patrick’s Parade in the hurricane-ravaged Rockaways.

The jeers grew so loud toward the end of the Queens parade that mayoral candidate and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn appeared to break away from the mayor to march separately.

A spokesman for Quinn later said she always intended to walk separately from the mayor.

Locals didn’t spare their ire over the area’s slow recovery, hoisting signs reading, “Mr. Mayor, we need jetties” and “Listen to the Rockaways.”

“We’ve been dying down here, up to our ears in muck trying to rebuild, get back to a regular life,” one heckler told The Post.

“For the politicians to come down here and try to take our celebration and make it their thing . . . it’s disgusting.”

At the end of the route, Bloomberg thanked the Sanitation Department, cops and firefighters who worked to restore the neighborhood after the storm.

“I don’t think there’s anybody who could have ever done the job that you guys did,” the mayor said before he jumped in his car and was driven away.

The mayor wasn’t the only politician crossed by paradegoers.

Revelers heckled Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer after he cheered through a bullhorn, “Let’s hear it for the Rockaways.”

“Send money, pal. Send money!” one heckler yelled back. “Talk is cheap!”

Public Advocate and mayoral contender Bill de Blasio’s crew was also booed after a staffer chanted through a megaphone, “Mission accomplished. Thanks, Bill de Blasio.”

17 Responses to “Bloomberg Flees Rockaway St. Patrick’s Parade After Locals Boo Him”

  1. Rich K on 3/03/13 at 12:42 pm

    Gee,being on the west coast I can hardly raise the level of caring about this jerk to a 1 on a scale of 1000.They elected the bum and it sounds like all they want is Free Money.F em all.

  2. DC Lovell on 3/03/13 at 12:54 pm

    New Yorkers getting the government they voted for. Let them sit in the muck that is the democrat party machine.

  3. willis on 3/03/13 at 2:04 pm

    Gee, how could this happen? We voted for Obama, shouldn’t we be getting lots of free stuff? And why do they keep calling us rubes? What is that, exactly?

  4. goju on 3/03/13 at 2:26 pm

    Quinn to Bloomie: “Dude, I am so the hell outta here.”

    Quinn to media: “I meant to do that.” (In Pee Wee Herman voice)

  5. 5ftflirt on 3/03/13 at 3:07 pm

    They don’t want free money. Taxes are very high in NYC and NYS. They want what they paid for already. These aren’t welfare bums – they are solid working-class people who paid their taxes. They may even have voted for Romney.

  6. t-gel on 3/03/13 at 3:42 pm

    These are the exact kind of people who get screwed in NY but take on the responsibility of trying to make a living in New York without working in the high flying positions that Bloomberg only cares about. They don’t belong to the vote in scum because we’re the welfare people contingent and they don’t have anything the politicians want (except for them to pay the high taxes and shut up). Some may very well be getting the government they deserve but others are actually being targeted to be screwed because they are the best demographic for conservatives.

    Unfortunately many conservatives and libertarians talk a good game but in the end they care about actual individuals as much as Marxists do. This could be a lesson about what the Democratic machine doesn’t provide and it could also be a wellspring of reform in this city and state but it will simply end up just being what it is. Disgusting.

  7. MissyT on 3/03/13 at 4:17 pm

    The voters of NYC allowed him to be Mayor for a third term after he bullied whomever he had to to change the law. Now they all are upset…did they vote for him knowing well what he was??? I don’t care about him although I feel very sorry for those in the hurricane affected areas that are hung out to dry. How could they all vote for him knowing that he was all talk and a liberal who couldn’t care less about them? Look at all the inner cities and their leadership – liberals? so if the libs care sooooo much about the ‘people’ why don’t the cities get better??? Because they really don’t care about you as a person, but want to tell you what to do including a 16oz soda….can anyone believe that is more important than the people of NYC? but no, money funnels to his cronies and friends.

    Better check out the next mayor and be sure you know what you are getting…that is the lesson for ALL of us…!

  8. mac on 3/03/13 at 5:08 pm

    Hey, NYC chumps! Like what you’re getting for your tax dollar? No? Then why did you elect him 3 times?

    You did it to yourselves, lefties. Live with it. My sympathy meter is registering zero.

  9. werewife on 3/03/13 at 10:03 pm

    Must argue with you, t-gel, to this extent: LOTS of people here in downstate NY know the facts of life, TANSTAAFL, free minds and free markets, and all the rest of it… but have been told for all their lives that the GOP and the Right in general are the John Lithgow character in Footloose, motivated mostly by the desire to keep everyone else from having any fun. And they believe every bloody f***ing word of it. We saw it happen last election with the way they believed the unbelievable nonsense about Romney & Ryan planning to ban birth control. I have been led ineluctably to the conclusion that my liberal-voting neighbors are damned fools who deserve every bit of the suffering they endure – it’s just that I and mine have to suffer it with them.

    G-d, I miss Andrew Breitbart. Has it been only a year? Feels like yesterday and a century ago.

  10. Steven NYC on 4/04/13 at 8:47 am

    Not all of us NYCers voted for this POS, believe me. There are many right-thinking people here, we’re just outnumbered by the Obama-EBT-demo-KKK-rat crowd. Doomberg is nothing but a disgrace, an illegal-third-term “Mayor” who needs to be taken down. I guess his Nazis will want to talk to me for that comment? FU I say. It can be interpreted in different ways.

  11. Fred on 4/04/13 at 11:30 am

    Not everyone voted for Bloomberg OR Cuomo OR the other morons who have taken New York down the toilet.

  12. lyle on 4/04/13 at 12:20 pm

    Not everyone voted for Bloomberg OR Cuomo OR the other morons who have taken New York down the toilet.

    No. But enough of them did and do every freaking election year. I’d guess a quite sizable majority.

  13. Nichevo on 4/04/13 at 2:11 pm

    I’m steadily less happy with Bloomberg over time, but all you have to know is the other guys were worse. Sooo much worse. There is, or has been, nobody to the right of him to vote for. The real lefties did not vote for this guy, they voted for Mark Green or some other commie, and when I say commie, I exaggerate little if at all. Bloomberg has done okay more than not. I’d much rather have Giuliani back of course, but that’s not on the table it seems.

    Voting registrations in NYC are D:R::5:2. We’re not going to get a rock-ribbed conservative here. Doing our best.