Bernie Sanders Slips in Stimulus to Immigration Plan Nobody is Reading

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When we say nobody is reading it we mean the idiots who’ll be voting on this sham. There should be a law that these Washington morons can’t vote on something they haven’t read. That alone may have spared us the mess that is ObamaCare. But hey, why listen to your constituents? After all, they’re merely the people who elected you. Anyway, this so-called immigration bill now includes a jobs bill for Americans who’ll be displaced by illegals coming to take their jobs. Which begs the question: If Americans will lose jobs, what’s the point?

Opponents of the Gang of Eight immigration bill have spent the weekend looking for hard-to-find changes in a piece of legislation that was substantially re-written by the Hoeven-Corker amendment. But there’s one big change that’s right out in the open — impossible to miss, in fact.

The original Gang bill ended with a section designated Title IV, which was headlined REFORMS TO NON-IMMIGRANT VISA PROGRAMS. The Hoeven-Corker version of the bill added a Title V, with the headline JOBS FOR YOUTH. The measure would provide $1.5 billion in the next two years to provide jobs for Americans between the ages of 16 and 24. It was originally pushed by Democratic Sen. Bernard Sanders, who wanted to come to the aid of young workers who were “hard hit by the Wall Street-caused recession.” Now, Sanders says immigration reform will further damage youth job prospects.

In the few days of Senate debate over the Gang of Eight bill, Sanders delivered several floor speeches that were almost bitterly critical of the legislation’s economic effects. The bill will cost jobs and reduce the standard of living of millions of low-skilled Americans, Sanders argued. His was the most vocal and persistent criticism of the bill from the left.

We should also be really excited that Dingy Harry has slipped in a stimulus plan for Las Vegas. Now with this abomination likely dead int eh House, according to Rand Paul,  the oily Chuckie Schumer promises mass protests, obviously egged on by Schumer and the Democrats.

The protests by and for illegal immigrants could escalate into the next “civil rights” movement, claimed New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer, the chief author of the Senate immigration bill, which faces a critical vote late Monday.

“This has the potential of becoming the next major civil rights movement. …I could see a million people on the mall in Washington, on the platform would [be] … the leaders of business, the leaders of the evangelical movement, the leaders of high tech,” Schumer said during an appearance on CBS’s “Face The Nation” Sunday.

Sure he can see it. He’ll help organize it. Can you say bullying and intimidation, boys and girls?

Republican “Speaker [John] Boehner will have to bring a bill, either the Senate bill or something much closer to it than people think, to the floor of the Senate,” even if he has to go against the wishes of a majority of House members, Schumer claimed.

“He will have no choice as the pressure mounts over the summer,” Schumer predicted.

Welcome to the Banana Republic. In the end all that matters is the media gets to tout a so-called “victory” for the scandal-plagued Obama.

Immigration reform has gotten a new burst of life as a growing number of Senate Republicans have embraced the 1,000-page-plus legislation, setting up President Obama for a big victory this week.

Because all that matters is Obama gets to look good, the country be damned.

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