Befuddled Steny Hoyer Losing Track of Obama Scandals

Posted by on May 14, 2013 at 5:30 pm

Who can blame him? You need a daily scorecard to keep track.

With the rumbling of so much scandal ripping through Washington this week—woeful stories about Benghazi, the DOJ subpoena of journalists’ phone records and the IRS unfairly targeting conservative groups—it’s hard to keep track of all the terrible.

Even lawmakers sometimes struggle.

At Rep. Steny Hoyer’s weekly meeting with reporters on Tuesday, the Maryland Democrat was asked if he was concerned about the DOJ seizing phone records from Associated Press journalists working in the House press gallery in the Capitol building.

Hoyer’s answer was well-delivered: Articulate, clear, firm and precise.

One problem: He responded to the wrong scandal.

“The IRS activity was inappropriate, inconsistent with our policies and practices as a country, very concerning, needs to be reviewed carefully,” Hoyer, one of the top-ranking House Democrats, said in response to a question from Fox News’ Chad Pergram about the DOJ. “We need to ensure that this does not happen again, and we need to find out how long it continued, when it was stopped. It is my understanding—there was a front-page story on this at the [Washington] Post—it’s my understanding that [IRS official] Lois Lerner, who was apparently overseeing this, at some point in time found out about this and said …”

In case you’re wondering, the guy mired in all the  scandals isn’t mentioned until the 14th paragraph. His name comes up once in the story.

2 Responses to “Befuddled Steny Hoyer Losing Track of Obama Scandals”

  1. JoyO on 14/14/13 at 9:02 pm

    I think the reason we are hearing about these scandals is because the media is so offended by DOJ’s wiretapping. You have to admit that, until now, the Administration could depend on the media to protect Obama by not covering stories, omitting key facts, or just plain lying. But, now that the Administration has felt empowered to flex its muscles against even the media, the media is finally recognizing they too will be impacted by a government abusing it’s power —for the good of the collective, of course.

  2. Blue Hen on 15/15/13 at 9:18 am

    They will not complain about Sebilius extorting money/taking bribes from organizations that she regulates.
    They don’t much care about Benghazi, except where the lying is becoming little league in quality. The unveiling of the whistleblowers required some response from the lovely left, and thus something from the media (but I repeat myself).
    They have done sterling work in minimizing the plight of St. Kermit Gosnell and the subsequent spinning by abortion loving groups.

    The supoena of phone records of the AP offends them, and everything else they are trying to minimize or spin. The IRS debacle is a case in point. They like the IRS and want to continue to use it. This thing is apparantly so big, and so foul, that they’ve already gone into damage control mode. The goal now is to protect themselves and the pliant thugs in the IRS. This is actually an opportunity for captain kickass, since he can pretend to DO SOMETHING while simultaneously paying off the thugs AND divert attention from the ongoing HHS extortion racket AND Benghazi. The scandal in which Americans died.