Aw: NYC Mayoral Candidates Have Sleepover in the Projects Organized By Race Pimp Sharpton

Posted by on Jul 22, 2013 at 8:08 am

Fresh off his sparsely-attended march for Trayvon Saturday the notorious race hustler Al Sharpton resumed his usual rabble-rousing in New York City. In a demonstration of the clout he wields with the sorry lot of Democrats running for mayor, he actually had the losers sleep in a housing project. Almost assuredly Sharpton was off his his well-appointed home enjoying the AC while these pukes sweat their sorry asses off.

In a campaign event like no other, the five leading Democratic mayoral candidates will spend Saturday night sleeping in apartments at a sweltering city housing project.

The Rev. Al Sharpton is organizing the sleepover, at the Lincoln Houses on E. 135th St. in East Harlem, to spotlight conditions in public housing that have resulted from years of neglect.

The accommodations will be less than comfortable — and certainly not what the candidates are accustomed to.

The residents must have felt so lucky to have creepy pervent Anthony Weiner show up.

Would you let this man in for a sleepover?

Anthony Weiner took his silver sleeping bag and a box of cupcakes over to a Lincoln Houses apartment in East Harlem last night — one of five top mayoral candidates participating in an unusual, overnight campaign event to introduce them to project living.

“Here I am — your roommate for the night!” the sexting ex-congressman said as he arrived at the apartment of Diane Beeby.

The other candidates — Christine Quinn, Bill de Blasio, William Thompson and John Liu, also joined the slumber party, reclining on air mattresses and sleeping bags on the floors of their host apartments, some of which were without air conditioning.

Well, if one of these schlubs actually becomes mayor, we know who their boss will be.

One Response to “Aw: NYC Mayoral Candidates Have Sleepover in the Projects Organized By Race Pimp Sharpton”

  1. West on 22/22/13 at 10:53 am

    Next step – “Big Brother – NYC mayoral candidates”.

    It’s not policy that distinguishes candidates any more (if it ever was). It’s who manages to not get voted off the island.