Aw: Hillary Sports Yet Another New Look

Posted by on Sep 24, 2013 at 1:27 pm

Let’s face it, any excavation and reconstruction project of this horrible woman will just never work. Maybe in the short term and for a photo op, but let’s face it, there’s isn’t much to work with.

It seems that Hillary Clinton’s hair length is getting shorter as anticipation surrounding her expected presidential candidacy continues to grow.

On Tuesday she attended the 2013 Clinton Global Initiative sporting a new, shorter ‘do. The style appears to be a piece-y, layered bouffant with wispy side swept bangs and lots of volume in the back.

Clinton’s look seems at least three inches shorter than her previous haircut, which can be spotted on the cover of this week’s New York magazine.

Her hairstyle has fluctuated ever since Bill Clinton first took the Oval Office in 1993. It’s run the gamut from bouffant to bob to bangs, and now, back again.

Sartorially speaking, Clinton’s own political career can be defined by a single accessory: the scrunchie. It seems that no matter where Clinton went as both Senator and Secretary of State, a scrunchie was never far behind.

Or a double-wide pantsuit. All we know is if she sees this spread in the Daily Mail, there will be hell to pay.

Shudder. She ought to see someone about that overbite. Just saying.



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