Aw: Dingy Harry Upset Obama’s Not Giving Democrat Senators Enough Credit for ‘Fixing’ ObamaCare

Posted by on Dec 19, 2013 at 11:19 am

Wait, ObamaCare is fixed? When did that happen? Every day brings new horror stories that will only make life more miserable for those forced against their will into this abomination. And now facing the end of his tenure as Senate Majority Leader next November, Harry Reid inexplicably is seeking credit for “fixing” this mess?

By all means we hope Obama is in the sharing mood. Considering Reid helped ram this through with his chicanery, he certainly should share in the credit.

Democratic senators are unhappy the White House didn’t give them any credit for key fixes to ObamaCare.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) recently reproached President Obama in private on the issue, arguing Obama should have given his colleagues more praise.

“I did communicate to him that there have been things done by the White House that improved the healthcare bill and those fixes were suggested originally by my senators and they got no credit for it. I thought that was improper,” Reid said in an interview Wednesday with The Hill.

Reid didn’t specify what ideas Senate Democrats had offered to the White House.

If Reid is so stupid to not understand Obama is all about Obama than he’s dumber than we give him credit for. Whatever the case, as we noted the other day every incumbent Democrat will be forced to defend their vote and this ad will be helpfully reminding them of their perfidy. Not only that, Reid is delusional enough to think ObamaCare will help Democrats in 2014. Good luck with that, Dingy!


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