As Millions Lose Their Healthcare, Heartless President Bystander and Greedy Dems Headline Lavish $64K a Plate Fundraiser

Posted by on Oct 30, 2013 at 2:22 pm

Can you imagine the sneering media if clueless Republicans were so callous and condescending? Heck, they’d be camped outside the fundraiser, shaming attendees and asking them if they they were willing to give up their health plans for a government-run trainwreck. But hey, whatever.

So Obama is in Boston today under the pretense of promoting his discredited, failed “healthcare” scam, but now it can be revealed the real reason he’s there: Greed.

A who’s who of Democratic heavyweights and Bay State politicians are expected to join President Obama at a fundraiser tonight in Weston, where couples will shell out as much as $64,000 to hear the commander in chief speak — and munch on Red Sox cookies.

The event, held at the home of former ambassador to Spain Alan D. Solomont, and his wife, Susan Lewis Solomont, is part of Obama’s jaunt to Massachusetts, where earlier in the afternoon he is expected to speak at Faneuil Hall on the Affordable Care Act.

The fundraiser is the fifth Obama has held for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in the 2014 cycle, and is expected to draw roughly 60 well-heeled attendees. The lineup includes U.S. Representatives John Tierney of Salem, Nikki Tsongas of Lowell and House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, as well as former Congressman Barney Frank.

Gov. Deval Patrick, who is slated to introduce Obama at the Faneuil Hall event, DCCC chair Steve Israel and documentary director Ken Burns are also expected to attend.

Guests will dine on what a DCCC aide described as Spanish-influenced fare and a dessert of Red Sox cookies, honoring Game 6 of the World Series scheduled for tonight at Fenway Park.

If the GOP ever gets in the game they’d have protesters there taunting Obama and Pelosi with Don’t Do This to Me signs and reminding Obama about his “You can keep your plan” lie.

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