AP Poll: 7% Think ObamaCare Rollout Has Gone Well

Posted by on Oct 10, 2013 at 7:54 am

We find it difficult to believe that 7% of the country is really that stupid. Then again, if you add up the Obama administration, federal employees and his media palace guard, it’s probably a good estimate. Otherwise the rest of America agrees this is the biggest clusterfuck ever.

Seven percent of Americans report that somebody in their household has tried to sign up for insurance through the health care exchanges, according to an AP-GfK poll.

While that’s a small percentage, it could represent more than 20 million people.

Three-fourths of those who tried to sign up reported problems, though, and that’s reflected in the underwhelming reviews.

Overall, just 7 percent of Americans say the rollout of the health exchanges has gone well. Far more deem it a flop.

Pathetically, the AP still has their ObamaCare pom-poms waving and claim to have found someone gushing about it:

Count Janice Brown, a semiretired travel agent from Prather, Calif., among those who had a positive experience.

After some initial trouble on the website, she got through to a help line and downloaded an application to buy a plan for $1,500 a month for herself and her husband. That’s $1,000 less than her current private plan.

“I’m thrilled,” said Brown, 61. “The coverage is better. It’s fantastic.”

Considering the stories we’ve been reading coming out of California we find this difficult to believe. As to the rest of the AP story, there’s not a single negative quote describing anyone’s experience.  Considering it’s at 93% disapproval, they couldn’t find anyone to complain?

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3 Responses to “AP Poll: 7% Think ObamaCare Rollout Has Gone Well”

  1. Garden Gnome on 10/10/13 at 10:30 am

    Her plan does NOT cost $1500 a month.

    It costs a lot more but the rest of us are now paying her bills and she is on welfare so only has to pay $1500 a month.

    EVERYONE’S premiums have gone up destroying the Democrat Party’s lies. It just happens a lot then become welfare recipients instead of paying their own way.

  2. OldmanRick on 10/10/13 at 11:05 am

    Only 7% of the American population consists of low information voters? What a surprise. Whoops, my bad. I had erroneously included lemmings, sheeple, Occupy Wall Street bunch, gimmedat crowd, illegals, and cemetery residents in the mix. So the 7% figure for low information voters is about right since this entire gaggle adds up to slightly more than 51% of the voting population.

  3. Steve Gregg on 10/10/13 at 3:52 pm

    Seven percent is a very low number. Twenty percent of Americans are nuts, so 20% is a bottom number for ordinary stupidity. Twenty percent of Americans believe in alien abductions, Bigfoot, and Trutherism. When you penetrate below 20%, that means the news has thoroughly penetrated Stupid America. Seven percent sounds like Crazy America, which has no tether to reality.