AP: It’s Really Hard to Tell How Awesomely Successful ObamaCare Is Since There’s No Data

Posted by on Oct 11, 2013 at 2:19 pm

They’re really not looking very hard. According one report a meager 51,000 people have signed up, but in some states the numbers are laughably pathetic. But ever loyal to the Obama regime, the Associated Press puts their best spin on this catastrophic failure.

After more than a week in action, is President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul a success or a bust? It’s hard to say because there’s hardly any data.

The federal government hasn’t released comprehensive data on how many people have signed up for health insurance in the 36 states using federally run exchanges, the online marketplaces for comparing and buying insurance.

In the 14 states running their own exchanges, it isn’t much better. For example, it’ll be mid-November before California says how many people signed up. In Oregon and Colorado, the official number is zero.

Faced with Team Obama hiding numbers and citing zero signups in two states, it’s hard for them to tell if it’s a success? Really, AP?

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