Anti-Gun Nut Cuomo’s Job Approval Plummets 15 Points After Gun Grab Legislation

Posted by on Jan 30, 2013 at 8:15 am

He’s still well above 50% in deep blue New York, but this surely is an ominous sign for the anti-Second Amendment types out there.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo‘s approval rating slid under 60 percent in the wake of changes to the state’s gun laws, a new poll released Wednesday shows, but Empire State voters still approve of the Democrat’s job performance by a more-than-2-to-1 margin.

A new Quinnipiac University poll shows Cuomo’s approval rating down to 59 percent, a marked decrease from the 74-percent approval Cuomo recorded last month. Twenty-eight percent of voters now disapprove of Cuomo’s job performance, up from only 13 percent in December.

In an interview with WGDJ-AM in Albany on Tuesday, Cuomo reportedly told the New York Post‘s Fred Dicker that he expected his poll numbers to drop after passing the gun measures. “We know what the polls say on this because we’ve done it,” he said.

Cuomo’s approval rating fell most sharply among Republicans, from 68 percent in December, to 44 percent now. Among Democrats, it slipped from 82 percent to 74 percent. And among independents, it dropped from 70 percent to 54 percent. The decrease in Cuomo’s approval rating among men was 20 percentage points, more than double the 9-point decrease among women.

The slide was also more pronounced among Upstate voters, from 68 percent in December, to just 51 percent now. In New York City, his approval rating fell from 80 percent to 66 percent, and in suburban areas outside the city, it is down from 74 percent to 64 percent.

Meanwhile, a gun owner group is suing over the hastily passed and poorly thought out guns laws rushed through in the dark of night.

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9 Responses to “Anti-Gun Nut Cuomo’s Job Approval Plummets 15 Points After Gun Grab Legislation”

  1. Marcus on 30/30/13 at 10:15 am

    It will indeed get worse for Cuomo.

    Besides the fact NY will spend millions of dollars defending numerous lawsuits (millions they don’t have) the result will be to eventually overturn this grotesque anti-constitutional measure.

    Thankfully that fact along with his proposed abortion lollapalooza bill, it also kills Cuomo’s alleged national electoral aspirations. That way he can go back to shouting cheap pickup lines at girls like “Hey, did you know my dad was governor?” Or perhaps “You want to see the inside of my limo”?

    Did he really believe this would play well with anyone? Well- except his sycophants in NYC.

    Add to that his bugged-eyed, batshit crazy-man video screaming “you don’t need 20 bullets to kill a deer”- oh dear God…the laughter.

    There are a few other Senators who may want to start thinking about life after politics as well. Especially the Republican Senate leader Dean Skelos and others in “purple” areas like Carlucci, et al. That goes for the Assembly as well.

    People are not going to forget this any time soon. Look for some entertaining legislator Townhall videos to come.

  2. bitterclinger on 30/30/13 at 10:16 am

    I can’t wait till the next poll; NY hedge funds recently pulled up stakes and headed for Palm Beach, FL. No income tax and waaaaaaaay better weather.

  3. Robbins Mitchell on 30/30/13 at 10:39 am

    Cuomo simply isn’t suited to be Governor of NY…he should be serving in an office more in keeping with his temperament and intellect….like Mayor of Greaseball Falls maybe

  4. MT Geoff on 30/30/13 at 11:11 am

    Howdy Robbins M
    Alas, Mario Cuomo and Michael Bloomberg are perfectly suited to be leaders in the state and city of New York. Sadly, their influence extends far beyond their ill-managed borders.

  5. C.T. Westing on 30/30/13 at 12:27 pm

    Cuomo’s popularity really has taken a hit here in Western New York, but honestly, it doesn’t matter. WNY is more akin to Pennsylvania or Ohio, but we’re owned by whatever happens in the area between Albany and NYC.

    Cuomo’s national aspirations may fall apart due to things like this gun bill, but he’s safe in the governor’s mansion for a long time. He’d have to punch a Girl Scout in the face on national television for NYC to turn against him. And as NYC goes, so goes the state…

  6. Martin on 30/30/13 at 1:11 pm

    Most of these diktats will be overturned. They are for show; Cuomo is playing to the 2016 primary gallery, demonstrating his anti-gun bona fides.

    Cuomo should be reminded that the 2A is nothing to do with the right to hunt deer. It’s about the right to protect ourselves from tyrannical rule; that would be him and his ilk.

    That point should be made every time the ‘you don’t need 20 rounds to kill a deer’ canard is uttered. Every time.

    Regrettably, the pro-2A representatives have shown themselves to be perfectly usueless when it comes to conveying simple facts regarding the US Constitution.

  7. Will Munny on 30/30/13 at 2:08 pm

    That Cuomo’s approval rating with Republicans was 68% before this gun control fiasco tells me that over 2/3 of New York Republicans aren’t even Republican.

    The view from Missouri is that it’s time for America to split up.

  8. Randy McInerney on 5/05/13 at 9:06 pm

    This huge drop in porularity for governor Cuomo is only due “SO FAR” to his getting the legislature to PASS the gun infringements on the 2nd Ammendment in the first place……..JUST wait till the “EFFECTS” of the NEW GUN LAWS in New York ….”HIT HOME”….like they have in Chicago after their handgun ban…….Cuomo and Bloomberg’s numbers both will plummet to ZERO.

    The pundants of the ban in Chicago and a FEW other liberals around the country say that Chicago’s crime went up becasue they “BORROWED” guns from neighboring states….IS that ridiculus or what? ??

    If that’s the case, then WHY are the neighboring states to Chicago enjoying lower gun crime {and crime in general} than Chicago since “BEFORE” the ban in Chicago?

    If those states have so many guns that they can loan the city of Chicago enough guns to make their crime GO UP after they banned handguns in Chicago one would think their crime rate in the “GUN LOANER” STATES would be higher than Chicago’s? BUT they are much lower than Chicago. Does that make sense?

    Liberals are the only people I know who will go to such great lengths to make fools of themselves to make a point that is pointless.

    If I were Chicago’s law makers and governor Cuomo I would do a 180 and REPEAL the new Guns laws before they thowed me out of office “PHYSICALLY.”

    The New York State legislature is HISTORY….get ready for all new state representative and senate members next election in New York State.