Another ObamaCare Success Story: “It’s day two … and we have yet to have someone successfully register”

Posted by on Oct 03, 2013 at 12:02 pm

This will go down as the biggest disaster in government history, but just watch, somehow Obama will escape the blame. His media has too much invested to admit the guy is a total failure.

“It’s day two of health care reform, and we have yet to have someone successfully register on the marketplace,” said Matt Hadzick, manager of a Highmark retail insurance store in Allentown, Pa., where people could go to register for the online insurance marketplace. “The registration process is very slow, and at one point it just shuts down.”

Can you imagine the endless ridicule if George W. Bush was as incompetent as this boob?

The delays come three months after the congressional Government Accountability Office said a smooth and timely rollout could not be guaranteed because the online system was not fully completed or tested.

But to salvage Obama’s frail ego it had to proceed forward. And now it’s a nationwide disaster.

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