America Tunes Out Obama as SOTU Ratings Crater

Posted by on Feb 13, 2013 at 1:04 pm

Frankly, he’s boring. Same drivel, different day, packed with cliches and nothing to say. But hey, maybe they can blame Obama fan Chris Dorner for the lost audience.

In preliminary numbers, CBS was the most-watched network for the one-hour-plus speech and coverage with 6.22 million viewers. NBC was next with 5.79 million, followed by ABC with 4.59 million and Fox with 2.37 million. Among adults 18-49, NBC was number one but everyone dropped from last year. In the demo, Fox took the biggest drop from the 2012 speech; the network’s coverage last night posted a 0.9/2, down 47% from last year. Tuesday’s CBS News Special (1.1/3) was down 27% from 2012, with the NBC News Special (1.6/4) down 20% and the ABC News Special (1.2/3) down 14%. Last year’s State of the Union had a total audience of 37.75 million across 14 broadcast and cable networks. That was down from the 42.79 million who watched in 2011 and 48 million in 2010.

So this bag of wind started with 48 million three years ago, was down to less than 38 million last year and if these numbers are accurate he’s down to 19 million this year from the four main networks. Talk about being tuned out.

2 Responses to “America Tunes Out Obama as SOTU Ratings Crater”

  1. OldmanRick on 13/13/13 at 5:08 pm

    I am surprised that 37.75 million people wasted an hour watching a whiny, snively, sissy snitch, punk, commie, pinko, fascist, pontificating, bloviator drench them in BS.